Welcome to the Village of South Blooming Grove

Village Road Maintenance

Belleville Inc

Belleville Inc through its experienced road and storm water infrastructure maintenance professionals; provide a diverse and varied range of services to the Hudson Valley community. Formed in 1986, Belleville Inc. has grown from a landscaping company to one of the area’s leading infrastructure construction and maintenance professionals. Our staff takes great pride in the services they provide to our private, commercial, and municipal customers.

Belleville Inc is equipped to handle all types of road, and all infrastructure construction and maintenance needs efficiently and as economically as possible. Our motto is “we make it happen”.

Belleville's Mission in South Blooming Grove

The mission of the Belleville Inc is to provide the highest level of service to South Blooming Grove residents and to keep all Village property, Village infrastructure and roadways in proper maintenance and repair. This mission is accomplished through the judicious use of personnel and equipment.

Belleville is responsible for the operation and maintenance of streets, maintenance of storm drain, street signs, removal of dead animals, street sweeping, and care of trees maintenance on village streets, right of ways, easements and properties. It is also responsible for the removal of dead and fallen trees, cleaning and maintenance of approximately 12 miles of village-owned streets.  

During office hours, call the Village Hall at (845) 782-2600 for any problems regarding trees, streets, sidewalks, street flooding, street lights and signs, storm drains, and storm sewers.