Welcome to the Village of South Blooming Grove


Village Treasurer:  Holly Brown

Deputy Treasurer:                            

Hours: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Monday - Friday
811 Route 208
P.O. Box 295
South Blooming Grove, NY 10914
Phone: (845) 782-2600 or (845) 782-2605
Fax: (845) 782-2601


Treasurer: Holly Brown                           Treasurer@villageofsouthbloominggrove.com

Deputy Treasurer:                          deputytreasurer@villageofsouthbloominggrove.com

The Village Treasurer is the administrator of all Village matters relating to finance, insures the fiscal integrity of the Village of South Blooming Grove by maintenance of all financial records and collection, investment and disbursement of all Village funds.

The Treasurer's Office maintains custody of all Village funds and keeps an account of all Village receipts and expenditures in compliance with the uniform system of accounts issued by the Office of the State Comptroller.

The Treasurer's Office bills quarterly utility bills (water and sewer charges), real property taxes, and other various miscellaneous charges and receipts. The Village Treasurer's Office is responsible for recording the collection of all other revenues, e.g. fees, recreation fees, permits, etc. The Village Treasurer's Office processes payroll for Village employees and pays all bills to vendors for purchased goods and services.

The Treasurer's Office is also responsible for the village payment of all village expenditures; and maintains compliance with the Village's Investment, Procurement and other financial policies.

The Village Treasurer reports periodically to the Village Board of Trustees, handles the periodic issuance of debt (bonds and notes).

In addition to periodic audits by the New York State Comptroller Office, the financial statements of the Village are periodically audited by Marvin Nyman C.P.A. and Assn.


For more information in regarding Village Finances, please call the Village Treasurer(845) 782-2600

- Village Taxes are due in January-

- Town Taxes are due in January

- School Taxes are due in September

- Tax Lien Sale is the 3rd Friday in November- Final date to pay outstanding Water and Sewer charges November

- Water & Sewer charges are due Quarterly (January, April, July, October)

Village taxes are due by January 31st of every year. Village Taxes can be paid at the Village Hall, 811 Route 208, Monroe New York, 10950. For questions call (845) 782-2600.

The Village Clerk’s office collects Village taxes (based on assessments), water & sewer charges.


Town & County taxes are collected by the Town of Blooming Grove.

Town/County Tax is due January 1st of every year. Taxes can be paid at the Town of Blooming Grove at 1 Horton Road, Blooming Grove, NY 10914

For more information on town taxes, call (845) 496-5223.


School Taxes are collected by the Washingtonville Central School District and the Monroe Woodbury School District.

School taxes are payable in September of every year.

For more information on Washingtonville school taxes, call (845) 497-4000.

For more information on Monroe Woodbury school taxes, call (845) 460-6200.

What happens if my bank is late paying my taxes?
Should your bank fail to pay your taxes on time, or not at all, you are personally liable for any late penalties. In accordance with guidelines from the State Comptroller, it is the responsibility of the property owner to know when property taxes are due. Unfortunately, even late delivery of your tax bill by the Postal Service does not absolve you from any penalties.

If you have questions or concerns regarding taxes, please call the Treasurer at (845) 782-2600


How Can I Find Out About Star Exemptions?

More information about the STAR program is available in the State website. Click here for more information.

Application for a STAR Exemption is available by clicking here

What are the Village tax exemptions for Seniors?

If you are 65 years of age or older, and your gross income is limited, you may be eligible for Senior Citizen tax exemptions. Applications are available in the Town Tax Assessor’s Office located at 1 Horton Road, Blooming Grove New York 10914 or call at (845)-496-5223.

Call the Town Tax Assessor’s Office at (845) 496-5223 for exact filing deadline or if you have any questions.

STAR exemptions are for school taxes, call the Town of Blooming Grove at (845) 496-5223 for more information.

For Application for STAR Exemption click here

What are Property tax exemptions?
The exemptions offered are:

Senior Citizens - for persons 65 years of age and over

Veterans - for all persons who rendered military service to the United States and received certain eligible funds

Alternate Veterans- for all persons who served on active duty in the US Armed Forces during the Persian Gulf War, Vietnam War, Korean War and World War II. The exemption is available to veterans who were honorably discharged from the service.

Firefighters - for all active members of the South Blooming Grove Volunteer Fire Department

Can a Third Party Be Notified About Paying Taxes?
If you are 65 years of age or older, or disabled, or you own and occupy multi-family residence, you may designate a concerning adult third party to receive duplicate copies of your tax bill or delinquent notice. Applications are available from the tax office and must be filed prior to October 30 for Village taxes.

To request mailing of a duplicate tax bill to a third party click here

When is the Assessor's Office open?

The Town Assessors Office is open 8:30am - 4:00 pm Monday - Friday. To meet with the Town Assessor you should call to make an appointment. (845) 496-5223

Where do I get forms for STAR and Veterans Exemptions?

Forms and applications for STAR exemptions, senior citizen and veterans exemptions and general information and filing requirements for complaints on real property assessments may be obtained at the Town of Blooming Grove Tax Assesor's Office. They are also available from the New York State Board of Real Property Services at http://www.orps.state.ny.us


When are Water & Sewer Bills Due?

Water & Sewer payments are due in the Village offices by 4:00 pm on the due date listed on the bill. Payments postmarked with that date will also be accepted.

Water & Sewer payments received or postmarked after the due date are subject to penalties stated on the bills.

If I Move, How Can I get a Final Water Meter Reading?

If you are moving and discontinuing your water & sewer service, you must contact South Blooming Grove Water Department at (845) 782-2600 for a final read.

In order for water bills to be sent to the correct customer, the Village must be notified of start and stop dates.

If I Move Into a New Home, How Do I Get Water & Sewer Bill in My Name?

If you are moving into a new home in the Village, remember to call Village Hall at (845) 782-2600 to make sure that the proper billing dates have been recorded. Unpaid water & sewer bills can become a tax lien. Ensure that billing records are accurate.

How do I change my address for tax and water & sewer bills?

To make change of address on tax and water bills, please submit notification in writing and mail to Village Hall, PO BO 295, Blooming Grove, NY 10914