Welcome to the Village of South Blooming Grove

Village Snow Removal and Winter Road Maintenance

CSB Snow Contractors, Inc. is a full service New York snow removal company. CSB consists of experienced commercial snow removal professionals. Our commercial snow removal staff is responsive and takes great pride in the service that they provide for our customers. For over 25 years, we has been providing snow- ice removal, and overall winter weather road maintenance services for commercial and municipal customers in Stony Point - Airmont in Rockland, South Blooming Grove in Orange, Putnam, Westchester and Lagrange in Dutchess Counties. We have responded to calls for services throughout the northeast, including northern New Jersey and have traveled as far as Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania, for snow removal and snow storm damage cleanup. Multiple bases of operations allow us to maintain a greater coverage area for reliable winter weather road maintenance services for all our customers.

CSB Contractors are equipped to respond to all types of winter weather events and understands the time sensitive nature of winter storm cleanup. We respond to all emergencies in a matter of minutes. Our motto is “The fleet is ready when the snow flies”’ wherever you are, we are on the move to remove your ice – snow efficiently and as economically as possible.

CSB's Mission in South Blooming Grove

The mission of the CSB Contractors is to provide the highest level of snow and ice removal service possible to South Blooming Grove residents and to keep all Village property, infrastructure and roadways in proper maintenance and repair. This mission is accomplished through the judicious use of personnel and equipment.

CSB is responsible for the removal of snow, ice and the winter road maintenance of approximately 12 miles of village-owned streets.

During office hours, call the Village Hall at (845) 782-2600 for any problems regarding snow / ice removal.

As winter weather arrives, CSB is on site clearing our Village roads of snow and ice.

Prior to winter weather's arrival, CSB provides a wet pretreatment to our Village road surfaces. This pretreatment allows for a quick removal of snow and ice.